The mission of the Honors College is to support academic achievement, encourage engagement in campus life and in larger communities, and create a community in which students feel at home. 

The goals of the Honors College are to:

  • Enroll substantial numbers of students who are ready to take advantage of the resources of a major research institution
  • Facilitate, through effective orientation programming and small classes, a successful transition into university life
  • Establish an advising program that supports students in completing requirements, maintaining scholarships, and progressing steadily to graduation
  • Develop programming that helps build friendships and encourage identification with the Honors College and Rutgers-Camden as a whole
  • Encourage students to explore opportunities to broaden and deepen their academic experience, including individual research, internship, learning abroad, and interdisciplinary stud
  • Offer incentives for students to participate in extracurricular life and to contribute to the general welfare of society
  • Graduate, each year, a substantial cohort of students ready to succeed in graduate school and in professional life