Honors students may begin our program as first-year students, rising sophomore students, or transfer students and complete a set of requirements according to this entry status. All students will have a personalized one-on-one meeting with our advising staff initially to review program requirements. Most students will complete a program consisting of specially-designed Honors seminars Experience Projects, and Engagement

Each semester, our advising staff is available for one-on-one meetings to review degree requirements, discuss majors and other academic interests, and prepare for graduation. Additionally, our staff is available daily to offer guidance for other matters and campus resources.

As graduation nears, all students are required to have a “senior review” meeting with our Assistant Dean prior to their final semester to certify completion of Honors College & General Education requirements. In their final semester, all students must also submit a diploma application and complete our Senior Review Checklist (necessary to be considered for Honors College Designation upon graduation).