1. Student Service Service: Grad School Fair Volunteers Needed

    Campus Center, 326 Penn St., Camden, NJ
  2. Campus Activity Campus Activity: Digital Society and the Politics of Youth in Urban Guinea

    Campus Center, 326 Penn St., Camden, NJ
  3. Campus Activity Campus Activity: Graduate School Fair

    Campus Center, 326 Penn St., Camden, NJ
  4. Campus Activity Campus Activity: Mallery Concert Series

    Fine Arts Complex, 314 Linden St., Camden, NJ
  5. Campus Activity Campus Activity: Patrick Rosal
  6. Campus Activity Activity: Movie Presentation: Dallas Buyers Club
  7. Campus Activity Campus Activity: Writers in Camden with Lydia Millet

    Fine Arts Complex, 314 Linden St., Camden, NJ


All items, Activity & Service, listed above are approved for the Engagement Requirement. Items not on this calendar must be pre-authorized by our professional staff for approval.

Campus ActivityCampus Activity: An honors-approved event sponsored by a campus partner. 
Events/Workshops sponsored by the following campus partners are *always* Honors Approved Activities: Career Center, Learning Center, EOF/Trio, Mallery Concert Series, Theater Productions, Biology Department Seminar, CURE Seminar.

Honors EventHonors Event: An honors-specific event sponsored by the Honors College. 


Student ServiceService: An honors-approved service opportunity sponsored by a campus partner or approved community partner.



*We update the calendar as often as possible, with as much information as we are given. Many events & services require advance registration. Please carefully review each service/activity posted for details & contact information*