We understand that faith is a hard thing to obtain. In the Bible, there are many accounts when, God reveals Himself in different ways on behalf of His people. Although He wants us to have unshakeable faith in Him, their witness teaches us that God is never out of our reach. Rather, He wants us hunger and thirst to see Him, whether using enormous indicators or subtle instances in our lives.

The stories that we’ll embark on will aid us to understand different perspectives in different situations that we, as college students, can relate to tribulations that these biblical figures endured. We will have a better understanding on how they struggled, how they overcame these struggles by just giving a little, and receiving a lot in return.

This week’s lecture will be given by Max Bekhit from the Coptic Orthodox Church in Medford, NJ and the topic is Five Loaves and Two Fish and its relation to the struggle of food and sustenance, and beyond.

Room West BC, downstairs of Campus Center.
Dinner will be provided.


Date & Time
February 8, 2016
6:00 pm-8:00 pm

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