Activity: R-CADE symposium


April 21, 2017    
8:00 am-8:00 pm



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Scholars are free to take apart, dissect, and repurpose artifacts in the R-CADE as they attempt to understand their historical and cultural significance. While the R-CADE does not preserve in the sense of keeping objects in their “original” condition, the archive is in fact an exercise in the preservation of digital culture. By allowing for the study and exploration of digital ephemera, the R-CADE aims to ensure these digital artifacts a place in our histories and our various scholarly conversations. Each year the DSC hosts a symposium during which scholars share research and creative work. Scholars and artists work over the course of many months by researching and/or repurposing an object of study, and they share this work during the symposium.

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Registration is FREE.

For driving and public transportation directions to Rutgers–Camden, please visit our Getting To Campus page.

Free parking for the day will be in the Camden Technology Center Parking Garage. The parking garage is located on 601 Cooper Street (entrance at 6th and Penn Street), behind the Barnes and Noble Bookstore. Once on Cooper Street turn right onto Sixth Street. At the stop sign, turn right onto Penn Street. The garage entrance is on the right. Upon entering the parking garage, please take a ticket.

Before returning back to your vehicle, please visit the concierge desk on the first floor of the parking building inside the main lobby. The entrance to the lobby is located around the side of the parking garage (entrances on Broadway or Cooper Street). Please give the customer service representative your ticket and tell them that you are a guest of the R-CADE Symposium. You will receive a stamp with a validation code in order to allow free parking.

*location: campus center