Campus Activity: Chaos or Community?


November 19, 2020    
12:30 pm-1:30 pm

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Cities in the US are at a crossroads, with a severe lack of affordable housing, exclusionary zoning in the suburbs, persistent racial and economic segregation, rising homelessness, and a steep increase in evictions. In “hot market” cities, these problems coexist with rapid gentrification in favored corridors, often leading to displacement and a loss of affordable units. As Martin Luther King, Jr., asked, “Where do we go from here – Chaos or Community?”
CURE, as part of our ongoing webinar series, is presenting a panel discussion on the priorities for programs and policies to address urban and metropolitan problems. Our panelists, noted urban policy experts from different backgrounds and perspectives, will share and debate their visions for what urban policies and practices should be pursued during the next administration at the federal, state, and local levels. In addition, panelists will discuss ways to address the housing needs of low- and very low-income residents, based on their experience and different vantage points (academia, policy circles, city government, and grassroots organizations).