Campus Activity: Cigna Presents: Go Figure - Careers in Underwriting Explained


September 19, 2019    
12:00 am-1:45 pm



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Representatives from Cigna will explain underwriting – what is it, who should do it, and how to get hired.

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All students welcome
Open only to Rutgers University students & alumni

Recommended Majors: Math, Economics, All Business Disciplines


What is an Insurance Underwriter?
Insurance underwriting is the process of evaluating the risk(s) of a property (such as in home or car insurance), a situation, or an individual (such as in life insurance) to determine if it is profitable for the insurance company to take on the risk and accept responsibility on behalf of the insurance company by means of providing insurance for a set price (the insurance premium charged for the risk). An insurance underwriter chooses who and what the insurance company will insure based on a risk assessment.

Underwriting is the “behind the scenes” work in an insurance company. Insurance underwriting also involves choosing who or what the insurance company will not insure.

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Executive Meeting Room – Lower Level Campus Center