Campus Activity: DISC Event LED’s & Switches & Arduinos, Oh My!


April 27, 2022    
9:30 am

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Rutgers DISC presents
“LED’s & Switches & Arduinos, Oh My! – Designing Nonvideo Games for Arduino Systems”
The event is run by Joyce Weisbecker, the first female commercial video game designer(1976) who also considers herself the first indie developer. This workshop challenges you to design a computer game for a hardware platform that consists of an Arduino, a handful of LED’s and a few push buttons and/or toggle switches. You can design any kind of game you like. Feel free to include any nongame elements you want, but it must be a game!
– Not a decoration
– Not a puzzle
– Not a toy
– Not a demo
– Not interactive fiction
Go Wild! 
Have Fun! 
Push the Envelope! 
Push Your Creativity!
[insert you favorite cliche here]

April 27th

at the Digital Commons.