Campus Activity: Good Job, Bad Job Event


March 29, 2021    
11:15 am-12:15 pm

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The Undergraduate Social Work Organization (USWO) and The Institute for Leadership and Action here at Rutgers Camden are collaborating on an event called Good Job, Bad Job. The event is hosting a variety of panelists from Rutgers Camden staff members to discuss what qualities make a good job or a bad job. USWO and The Institute for Leadership and Action wanted to hold this event to prepare those who are graduating and set you up on what to expect for finding a job in the real world, and the qualities you should look for in a job. We will have panelists discussing their personal experiences in a professional setting and ask them a few questions based on their experience. Some of the panelists include Dr. Sara Plummer, Jeri Middlebrook, Richard Stagliano, Marla Blunt-Carter, and more! Please come out and join us in this event and opportunity! This event is very beneficial and can help you prepare for what a future career may look like for you!

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