Campus Activity: Graduate School Q&A


October 29, 2020    
12:45 pm-1:45 pm

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Now is a great time to seize the opportunity in front of you and accelerate your career. Keep going. Continuing right into your graduate studies from your undergraduate not only gives you an advantage when you enter the workforce, you’re also likely to perform better since you’ve got the momentum of the past four years behind you, and your classroom and study skills are at their peak. 
Rutgers–Camden offers world-renowned graduate programs that provide the prestige and rigor befitting the Rutgers name, in an intimate environment that ensures you have opportunities that would never be possible at most institutions. 

Take the first step, join us for the Graduate School Q&A. Rather than a formal information session and PowerPoint presentation, we are excited to invite you to an intimate – if virtual – hour with our Graduate School team. 

We’ll take this time to give you a look into the Rutgers–Camden graduate school experience, including:

  • Academic environment,
  • Funding opportunities,
  • Student support services.

Plus, you’ll get to know our deans, and chat with them directly about any questions or concerns you might have.