Campus Activity: The 5th Annual Tunnel of Oppression


February 28, 2017-March 2, 2017    
6:30 pm-9:30 pm

The Tunnel of Oppression was first presented here on our campus in the Spring 2013 semester over the course of two nights. 200 Students, faculty and staff attended the Tunnel in the first year. It has since been presented during each subsequent Spring semester, attracting more than 300 students, faculty and staff members.

For 2017, the skits and materials have been updated in order to maintain a fresh edge for repeat and first-time attendees alike. This Spring we are running the Tunnel for three consecutive nights on Fifth Annual Tunnel of Oppression, taking place on Tuesday, February 28th, Wednesday, March 1st and Thursday, March 2nd from 7pm-10pm The Tunnel of Oppression is an Approved Campus Activity. Additionally, the Tunnel of Oppression is supported through work of The Office of the Campus Center, The Office of Campus Involvement, The Office of Fraternity and Sorority Affairs, The Office of Housing and Residence Life and Student Health Services.

Doors to the Raptor Roost (located in the lower level of the Campus Center) will open at 6:30pm. All groups leave from The Pit (immediately outside of the Roost area) every ½ hour beginning at 7pm and ending at 9:30pm. Groups run every 30 minutes and are then followed by a 30-40 minute group conversation and reflection with staff from Student Health Services and/or Student Affairs.

What is the Tunnel of Oppression?

Pulling from history, current national and local events, and the life stories of our community, the Tunnel of Oppression is an interactive, immersive and in-your-face program built around a series of entirely student-actor performed skits covering topics that range from poverty, sexual assault and Title IX, depression and suicide, racial and cultural tensions, LGBTQ issues,  gender roles, bystander roles, body image and substance usage and abuse.  It is purposefully meant to stir up emotions within participants and seeks to allow them the opportunity to debrief and process through their thoughts within their group immediately following walking through the Tunnel. It also seeks to empower participants and equip them with tools and resources in order to become part of the positive change so desperately needed in order to address the various forms of violence and oppression in our society that are highlighted by the Tunnel. At its core, the Tunnel of Oppression is a social justice program that hopes to inspire activism, understanding, support and change.

To celebrate our 5th year, we are offering an additional optional immersive piece to Tunnel participants. Individuals are welcomed to opt-in to our “The Weight of Oppression” experience.Participants must be able to carry up to 20 lbs. on their backs via a backpack. Via this new experience, participants will be able to feel the physical weight of the skits and issues being presented in a way unlike anything we’ve done before with our Tunnel program. Participants can simply let their group leader know if they wish to participate in this aspect of the Tunnel experience. Again, this is a totally optional add-on for a participant’s personal Tunnel experience.