What is the Tunnel of Oppression?

The Tunnel of Oppression attempts to illuminate controversial barriers/scenarios that divide those who do not understand oppression and those who live it every day. Pulling from history, current national and local events, and the life stories of our community, the Tunnel of Oppression is an interactive, immersive and in-your-face program built around a series of student-actor performed skits covering topics that range from poverty, sexual assault, depression and suicide, racial and cultural tensions (#BlackLivesMatter), LGBTQAI issues, gender roles, bystander roles, body image, bullying and violence, and substance usage and abuse.  At its core, the Tunnel of Oppression is a social justice program that hopes to inspire activism, understanding, support and change. The Tunnel of Oppression experience takes approximately one hour for the walk-through and following discussion. At this time we can only open this event up to current Rutgers-Camden students, faculty and staff. Tunnel is an adult experience, with deep discussion following; As such, children will not be permitted entrance.

 Why is this an important program to promote/attend?

The Tunnel seeks to present the stories of our community in a way that isn’t currently being done on our campus or anywhere else in South Jersey. Tunnel provides a safe place for those impacted by what they see to process through it and to get support or help. Many times our student-actors infuse their own experiences into the skits that they portray in order to tell their story to a wider audience.

 What will I get out of it?

We hope that by experiencing the Tunnel of Oppression, you will be more aware to the injustices of our society, and that you will have a better understanding about the roles that each of us plays in our society to either perpetuate or stop these injustices and inequalities. It is our belief that the Tunnel of Oppression is one of the most impactful and powerful programs you can attend/be a part of.

The History of the Tunnel of Oppression at Rutgers-Camden

The Tunnel of Oppression was first presented here on our campus in the Spring of 2013 and since then the Tunnel of Oppression program has served more than 1,100 participants! For 2018, we will have refreshed skits and immersive experiences in order to maintain a new experience for repeat and first-time attendees alike. The Tunnel of Oppression is supported through the work and support of The Division of Student Affairs! We hope that you will join us in this campus- wide programmatic experience! 


Date & Time
March 6, 2018
7:00 pm-9:30 pm

Campus Center
326 Penn St.
Camden, NJ

Event posted in Approved Campus Activity.