Campus Activity: Unpacking Hate


March 26, 2021    
12:00 pm-1:00 pm

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Understand hate and racialization targeting Asian, Black, and Muslim communities. Grapple with the intersection of hate and religion drawing on multiple faith communities – Judaism, Hinduism, and Islam. Learn how to respond with resilience and cultural humility.

Session 1: Race. Resistance. Resilience
Spurred by the rise in anti-Asian hate crimes, persistent anti-Black racism, and ongoing anti-Muslim sentiment, this conversation will unpack hate, make connections to enable unified resistance, and name the need for resilience.

Session 2: Religion, Fear, and the Cost of Ignorance.
This session will unpack the intersection of hate and religion, drawing on multiple faith communities (Judaism, Hinduism, and Islam) to understand how fear leads to targeting and mischaracterization of communities of faith, both in America and abroad.