Campus Activity: VPVA Book Club- "Know My Name" by Chanel Miller


April 27, 2021    
12:45 pm-1:45 pm

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VPVA is hosting another round of their book club, featuring Know My Name by Chanel Miller. They will be discussing themes from her book over the course of 4-weeks & will be providing a free copy of the book to students who register for the event. This month’s round is extra special since New Brunswick was able to organize Chanel as a guest speaker for Sexual Assault Awareness Month also!!

You’re welcome to join the readings, even if you haven’t yet received your copy of the book – BUT you must email Olivia Rojas to REGISTER in advance ( Honors Students who complete all 4 sessions can count this as a campus commitment toward their Spring 2021 Engagement; individual attendance is a campus activity. Students are STRONGLY encouraged to attend ALL sessions – this is a book club, and discussions will carry over week to week – please be mindful of this before signing up.