Campus Activity: Well Played


January 29, 2020    
11:15 am-12:30 pm

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The Digital Studies Center is hosting seven Well Played sessions this semester. Well-Played sessions focus on the close reading of video game mechanics and narratives. It involves students and faculty playing a game followed by a free form discussion.
Well Played sessions will be held during free period in the Digital Commons, food will be provided.
January 29 – GRIS                Time: 11:15-12:20
This session will focus on Gris an Indie Puzzle-Platformer game that functions more as an interactive art-piece than just a game. It’s stunning visuals work to paint the picture of a young woman’s journey after losing a loved one. The grieving process is never easy, and this game does a wonderful job of expressing just how difficult it can really be. The discussion will focus on the narrative the game tells and the visuals it uses to achieve this.