All too often, victims of sexual violence hear the question “What were you wearing?” This survivor art exhibit, first created at the University of Kentucky and inspired by the Dr. Mary Simmerling poem of the same name, powerfully answers this question. This exhibit reminds viewers that sexual violence has nothing to do with how we dress. Please RSVP via this link. 

VPVA encourages you to practice self care while witnessing the exhibit, which can bring up feelings of anxiety, sadness, anger, or reminders of trauma. You can contact an advocate at any time by calling (856) 225-2326. 

Where: Raptor Roost, Campus Center

When: Monday, March 2nd through March 13th. 

Date & Time
March 2, 2020
11:00 am-1:00 pm

Campus Center
326 Penn St.
Camden, NJ

Event posted in Approved Campus Activity.