Honors Event: CHILDISM AND FEMINISM Part of the Transnational Childism Colloquium Series Panel 1


February 25, 2022    
9:00 am-10:30 am

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Part of the Transnational Childism Colloquium Series 

Friday February 25th 2022, 9am-11:30am US Eastern Time, online via Zoom 

Join us for the next session in our Transnational Childism Colloquium series, where panelists critically interrogate the generative tensions and possible synergies between feminism and childism. How can feminism contribute to rethinking the empowerment of young people? How could childism borrow from and contribute to feminist scholarship and struggles to dismantle neo-colonialism, white supremacy, capitalism and heteropatriarchy? What tensions emerge between feminist and childist visions of critical scholarship and a more just world? How can feminist intellectual and activist histories inform ongoing movements to empower children?

Co-organized and facilitated by Anandini Dar, Kate Cairns, and John Wall

Panel 1 
Erica Burman, Professor of Education, University of Manchester  
Peace Tetteh, Senior Lecturer of Sociology, University of Ghana  
Mary E John, formerly Professor, Centre for Women’s Development Studies
Veronica Pacini-Ketchabaw, Professor of Early Childhood Education, University of Western Ontario

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