Honors Event: Humanities Writing for the Public


March 27, 2023    
11:20 am-12:20 pm

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William FitzGerald is an Associate Professor of English at Rutgers University-Camden. His primary interest is rhetoric, specifically the rhetoric of religion.  He is a published author in several academic journals, collections of essays, and he co-authored The Craft of Research (U. of Chicago Press). His current project looks to track the origin of the famous Serenity Prayer.

 Writing for public audiences is a completely different skill than writing for an academic audiences, such as scholarly journals, your professors, and Canvas discussion posts! In a time when rhetoric and communicating with the public is as important as ever, this workshop will give you an introduction to the skills needed to write for a public audience.

Location: MARCH building, 325 Cooper Street
Time: Free period, 11:20 a.m. – 12:20 p.m.