Honors Event: NRHC Conference City as Text "Should Walt Whitman Be Canceled?"


April 8, 2022    
12:00 pm-2:00 pm

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Should Walt Whitman Be Canceled?  

The Juxtaposition of Slave Trade Memorials and Camden’s Favorite Son

The Honors College is hosting an event on Friday, April 8 that includes both a short walking tour of Camden and a lunch in the MPR. This City as Text event for the Northeast Regional Honors Council conference will bring participants across the bridge from Philadelphia to Camden, New Jersey, where students will see first-hand the historical markers of the slave trade, the spaces where black slaves were bought and sold, as well as see Walt Whitman’s footprint around the city and on campus. Our tour will conclude with a panel discussion with the campus Walt Whitman committee and lunch with campus leaders.  Join us for the walk starting at 10:30am at the City hall patco stairs and/or the lunch, starting at 12pm in the Campus Center MPR– but please sign up!

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