Honors Event: The Facts on SNAP: Debunking Myths about Food Stamps


January 31, 2019    
12:45 pm-1:45 pm



As part of Hunger and Homelessness Week, the Honors College presents “The Facts on SNAP: Debunking Myths about Food Stamps.” Students will first hear from Dr. Mazelis, Associate Professor of Sociology, on the history of food assistance programs in the United States and how the nation’s often misguided welfare policies have led to a modern crisis in food insecurity.

Next will be an activity portion, where students will break into groups and create a weekly grocery shopping list using an assigned monthly food stamp budget.

Learn more about Hunger and Homelessness Week @ hungerandhomelessness_ruc on Instagram

Day and time: Thursday, January 31st @ Free Period (12:45-1:45 pm)

Location: West ABC