Honors Event: The Girl in Theory


March 31, 2023    
9:30 am-4:30 pm

Event Type

VIRTUAL “Girl in Theory” conference hosted by Childhood Studies on March 29,30, and 31. Multiple Sessions offered. 


You must register to attend this free conference https://childhood.camden.rutgers.edu/events/the-girl-in-theory-toward-a-critical-girlhood-studies-virtual-symposium/ and you must email hcollege@camden.rutgers.edu to let us know which session you attended (so we can request the attendance list). If you do not email us and let us know what session you attended, this will not count towards your honors engagement. 

This symposium invited exploration of what it means to theorize through and with the girl and the category of girlhood. Well beyond the boundaries of “girlhood studies,” the girl often lurks where she is not an explicit subject of inquiry. As a figure enmeshed in processes of racial capitalism, colonialism, and carcerality, how might the girl inform visions of, and struggles for, transformation and liberation? In joining ongoing critical conversations in the field of Black girlhood studies and beyond, the symposium positions critical girlhood studies as a viable field that has much to offer contemporary modes of thought and inquiry.

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