Honors Event: Trip to Washington DC


December 3, 2016    
8:30 am-9:30 pm

Join us for a trip to Washington D.C.!

There will be 20 slots for Honors College students (must be in good standing with the Honors College). The bus will be departing from 3rd street, across from the Athletic Center, at 8:30 am and will be returning at 9:30 pm. There should be about 7 free hours in Washington. This will count as an Honors Event only if you attend at least one museum (keep in mind that all of the Smithsonian Museums are free). To count this as an Honors Event, you must bring back evidence of your museum visit. Please provide evidence to the Honors College staff by December 9, 2016. The Honors College will cover the cost of the bus trip. However, any additional costs will be your responsibility.

Please sign up here.