Honors Event: Writing Your Failure Resume


December 1, 2021    
11:20 am-12:20 pm

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A failure resume is a list of schools that rejected you, jobs you did not get (or lost), prizes you did not win, conferences that did not invite you, and papers that did not get published. Everyone has a failure resume but most of us keep it hidden. In this workshop, we will work on our failure resumes together. Why create one? Tim Herrera writes in The New York Times that “Because you learn much more from failure than success, and honestly analyzing one’s failures can lead to the type of introspection that helps us grow — as well as show that the path to success isn’t a straight line.” We will also use this event to challenge what Oset Babur describes as “an otherwise pretty harsh internal monologue I had about failing.”

RSVP here: https://engage.camden.rutgers.edu/actioncenter/organization/honorscollege/events/calendar/details/7587586

Wednesday, Dec 1 – Free Period – Honors College Lounge