Jim Andrews has been publishing vispo.com <https://vispo.com> <https://vispo.com> since 1996. It remains the center of his work as a poet-programmer theorist, critic, visual and audio artist. On vispo.com <https://vispo.com> <https://vispo.com> can find his online interactive poetry, interactive audio, work he’s done with dbCinema, his graphic synthesizer, his essays on language and new media, and a rich collection of guest work by about a dozen artists such as bpNichol, Ana Maria Uribe, Joseph F. Keppler, Ted Warnell, Jhave Johnston, Dan Waber, Geof Huth, and Marko Niemi.


Fine Arts Building 215

Date & Time
March 7, 2016
12:15 pm-1:15 pm

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