Elizabeth Thompson, Executive Director of The Buckminster Fuller Institute (BFI) will present the Fuller Challenge and a new student version of the Fuller Challenge. Called “Socially-Responsible Design’s Highest Award,” this award has defined an emerging field of practice: the whole systems approach to understanding and intervening in complex and interrelated crises for wide-scale social and environmental impact. The Fuller Challenge attracts bold, visionary, tangible art, design and scientific initiatives focused on a well-defined need of critical importance. Winning solutions are regionally specific yet globally applicable and present a truly comprehensive, anticipatory, integrated approach to solving the world’s complex problems.
Come see how to apply for the Student Fuller Challenge Award and prepare to be impressed! More information on BFI and the BFI Challenge Award can be found at: https://www.bfi.org.


Fine Arts Building 215

Date & Time
April 4, 2016
12:15 pm-1:15 pm

Event posted in Approved Campus Activity.