The second component of the Honors College program involves Honors Experience. This Honors requirement gives students an incentive to make the most productive use of their course selections and take advantage of the impressive resources available to all students at Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey.

Completion of Experience Projects does not require Honors students to complete additional course work beyond what is already required for the bachelor’s degree. Rather, it enables students to use their elective courses thoughtfully and with their postgraduate and professional futures in mind.  

Students have the option of completing two short-term projects (“enhancements”) or a single, more extensive project (a “commitment”) that reflects an especially strong academic or professional interest.   

Academic Enhancements: Choose 2 

    • School of Nursing Clinicals
    • Long or short-term Learning Abroad program
    • Academic Research/Independent Study (3 credits)
    • Arts and Sciences or Business Internship (3 credits; minimum 100 contact hours)
    • Completion of graduate-level courses
    • Apply for and submit application for a fellowship with OSDFA
    • Publish work in the Undergraduate Review or other campus publication
    • Present work at an academic conference

Academic Commitments: Choose 1

    • Departmental Honors (Honors in the student’s major)
    • Completion of a minor or certificate program
    • Completion of a second major
    • Publish in a peer-reviewed academic journal