Allen and Myra Woll Scholarship Fund

Scholarships are to be awarded to a full-time undergraduate Honors College student based on academic merit as determined by the program administrator. The student should be a member in good standing in the Honors College at Rutgers-Camden.

Honors College Gift Fund

Contributions to this fund will support a variety of programmatic and operating expenses incurred by the Honors College in Camden. These include visits to cultural institutions, guest speakers, internship programs, and travel to conferences.

Honors College Scholarship Fund

An invitation to participate in the Honors College is a ticket to a bright future. Gifts to the Honors College Scholarship Fund allow the program to offer this opportunity to additional students with each coming year. Once accepted, each student is expected to maintain a high standard of academic performance and integrity, which creates the need for an excellent support network. This is where the generosity of our alumni comes in. By bridging the gap between tuition and what a student can afford, private contributions allow these scholars to focus on the challenge of complex research or in-depth experience projects instead of picking up extra shifts at work to make ends meet.

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