The Honors College is thrilled to announce that Matt Galey (’17) is our Honors Student of the Month for May 2017, the month of his graduation. Matt is a senior triple major in Political Science, Criminal Justice, and Philosophy who will be starting law school in the Fall.

HC: If you could go back in time to offer advice to your freshman self, what would you tell him?

MG: I’d say to put yourself out there, both academically and experientially.

HC: Is there a specific moment or event that inspired this advice?

MG: Definitely my Study Abroad trip to Ghana during the summer after freshman year. Before I applied I had no real background on the course content or the region. It was my first time traveling alone and first time traveling internationally without my family, so I was definitely nervous. I applied because I was interested in service learning, but also because I wanted to experience something totally new and throw myself into it. I didn’t even tell my parents I was applying at first: I said, “Let’s just see what happens.”

HC: You’re a senior, which means you’ll be leaving us soon. What’s next for you?

MG: Well, my immediate plans are to attend law school.

HC: Speaking of: do you have any announcements for us? When last we spoke, we had heard that you were accepted to six different top-ranked law schools on the East Coast.

MG: Yes. I’m happy to announce that I’ll be attending the Francis King Carey School of Law at the University of Maryland–Baltimore in the Fall!

HC: Congratulations! We’re so proud of you. So what’s next after law school?

MG: I’m most interested in either criminal law or immigration law. Both of those areas connect to my commitment to community service and working with disadvantaged populations. I’m especially interested in immigration law because of my Egyptian background and the fact that my parents are immigrants.

HC: Excellent! We can’t wait to see what you do next.