The Honors College engagement requirements will remain largely the same in terms of what our Honors College students will be expected to do in addition to their course obligations. Students will be expected to attend one virtual Honors Events, attend three virtual Campus Activities (or complete a Campus Commitment), and One Approved Service. 

Students should review The Honors College Events Calendar for a list of Honors Events and approved Campus Activities, per our usual means of operation. 

This semester, though, the Service requirement will look the most different due to our need to remain socially distant and avoid the spread of COVID-19. The next section (Service Guide – Fall 2020) details a guide for how students should approach their Service requirement for the Fall 2020 semester. 

Once a student completes their 1 Honors Event, 3 Campus Activities, and their 1 Service letter, they must complete the Record of Honors Engagement, Fall 2020 form in order to officially receive credit. If a form is not completed with accurate information by February 1, 2020, then a student must invoke their 1 semester of Engagement Forgiveness if they still have not yet done so. Students who miss two semesters of completing their Engagement requirements face dismissal from The Honors College.