Our seminars are at the heart of the Honors College Experience. These are small classes specially designed by outstanding faculty members and reserved for our students.

Honors seminars were created to help our students satisfy General Education requirements in a personal and engaging academic environment. They enable students to work closely with our faculty, and they sometimes spark unexpected areas of academic interest. While a non-Honors student might satisfy her Social Sciences requirement by taking Psychology 101 with 125 other students, an Honors student could enroll in The Psychology of Eating with just 15 classmates to fulfill the same requirement. A new roster of seminars is offered every semester.

Recent seminars have included the following, among many others:

  • The Political Philosophy of Hip-Hop
  • Spirituality in Business
  • Ecology: The Urban Science
  • Art and Media in the Digital Age
  • Justice in America

Seminar leaders have included some of the most distinguished faculty on campus: Former chancellor Wendell Pritchett, University Professor and former Dean of Arts and Sciences Margaret Marsh, Board of Governors Professor Philip Scranton, and retired Rutgers University president Francis Lawrence among them.

Four-year Honors students take four seminars, normally completed in their first two years. Rising Sophomore students complete a minimum of two seminars, while Transfer students follow an individualized seminar plan, based on their prior academic coursework. Read recent students’ impressions of their Honors seminars