Service Guide

Honors College students will have a variety of options to choose from in order to complete their service requirements. Students are best informed by reviewing our Events Calendar for upcoming service opportunities, however, a brief synopsis is offered below: 

  1. Students can choose to sign up for service opportunities which the Honors College staff are directly involved with, such as Dinner Service at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church or Days for Girls
  2. Students can choose to provide service to a variety of local organizations in the city of Camden, such as :

Students who wish to volunteer at these organizations should inquire directly with the organization, and be sure to obtain photographic proof of their time at the service center so that they can properly submit their  Record of Engagement Form. Below is a link with instructions on how to submit your Engagement Form.

How to Submit your Honors College Record of Engagement Form

Additionally, Honors College students can consider the below options for social distancing concerns:

  • Students can also suggest a service opportunity to an Honors College staff member. The staff will review the suggestion during a weekly staff meeting and then decide if the new opportunity can be approved. 

Here is a link from our website which explains Honors College engagement requirements and includes links to How-To videos for submitting your engagement form.