Service Guide

While our Honors College students typically engage in service opportunities on campus or in our local community, the COVID19 pandemic has prevented us from gathering to serve together this year. Nonetheless, the values that have fueled our service for more than a decade remain as important, if not more so, in the wake of these challenging times. 

In the Fall 2020 semester, we asked our students to research and write letters of advocacy on behalf of one of the issues we hold dear as an organization. This semester, instead of turning outward, we’re asking our students to spend some time reflecting inward. In July 2020, our University welcomed President Jonathan Holloway, while our campus welcomed Dr. Margaret Marsh as Interim Chancellor. At a time when, quite frankly, our nation was experiencing trauma and crises, these leaders have stepped into important roles to guide us all through these trying times and toward hope. In this new year, there is much to be hopeful for. As President Holloway and Interim Chancellor Marsh settle into their roles, they want to hear from you. All of our options, below, ask you in some way to look within & reflect on yourself, your experiences, and your hopes for a brighter tomorrow.

For Spring 2021, Students will have the following options to complete the Service Component of their Semester Engagement Requirement:

  1.  Write a letter to Rutgers University President Jonathan Holloway addressing what “a beloved community” at Rutgers means to you. When President Holloway took his position last summer, he said he wants every person at Rutgers to feel recognized and heard, and truly listened to. This is your opportunity to share your perspective, as a Rutgers – Camden student, with our University President about your experience, and his goals of fostering “a beloved community.” In at least 250 words, Dr. Holloway has requested students email their letters to with the title of “What a Beloved Community Means to Me” and include your letter in the body of the email or attached (word document). At the end of this semester, we will compile all letters addressed to President Holloway & send to him as a package to his office.
  2. Write a letter to Rutgers – Camden Interim Chancellor Margaret Marsh reflecting on your experience of attending college during the worst health crisis this country has faced since the Pandemic of 1918, the worst economic crisis Americans have faced since the Great Depression of the 1930s, and a global racial reckoning. As both the chancellor and a professor in the honors college, Dr. Marsh has asked you to share (in 250 words or more) how the experience of living through a time of crisis has affected you, your education, and your hopes and dreams for the future. Please email your thoughts to Dr. Marsh in a message titled “”The Impact of the Pandemic, Social, and Economic Challenges of 2020/2021″ to  with copy to You can include your letter in the body of the email, or as an attachment (word or PDF).
  3. (No longer available, survey timeline has expired) Complete the Diversity Strategic Planning Assessment Survey, a confidential reflection on where we are now and what needs to change. Participation will take, on average, 15–20 minutes. Please take a screen shot of your completed survey to attach to your Engagement Form (due by June 1, 2021).
  4. Provide a meal for St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, located just 1 block from our Honors College building, during one of our designated Sunday meal services. For your service, you are asked only to prepare a dish (or dishes) to feed a crowd & drop the meal at the church vestibule at 4pm. You are not asked to stay & serve the meal. More information is on the Calendar where you can sign-up for one of our service dates.

As always, Spring Engagement is due June 1 (no exceptions). A Spring Engagement Form will be required for Honors Event and Campus Activity attendance, and to record which of these 4 options you have completed. Proof (i.e. your letter, your screen shot of your survey participation, or your record of participation at St. Paul’s) will supplement your engagement form. Questions? Email BEFORE the engagement deadline!